Tropical Fruit Market and Best Durian Cendol in Kuala Lumpur

Chow Kit Market. This is a local wet market (fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, tropical fruits) located in the north western part of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, just north of Little India. It is also conveniently located about 10 minutes walk from the Chow Kit monorail station.

There are 3 sections in this market.

Seafood Market

Towards the front/main entrance is the meat section (seafood, chicken, mutton and beef).

In the middle section you have the fresh vegetables and dry spices:

On the other end is where you will find all the variety of tropical fruits like mangosteen (aka Queen of Fruits), rambutan, papaya, mango, starfruit, jackfruit, langsat, ciku etc. :

Further west of this market is for the fans of the King of the Fruits – durians. Nowadays there are too many varieties of durians with flashy names. The most famous and most expensive one is the Musang King (猫山王). Most locals protest the skyrocketed prices of Musang King by not eating them. Instead they opt for the old fashion “Kampung durian“. Kampung in Malay means village. This is the original variety where the durian is much smaller and odd shape, the flesh is thinner and the seeds are larger. However they have a unique flavor and quirky character. The older trees produces more bittersweet flavor, a preferred taste amongst durian enthusiasts.

For the more “designer durians” I suggest hop over to SS2 durians in Petaling Jaya.

Durian cendol is a new dessert that didn’t exist 20 years ago. It is actual pieces of durian placed on top of the refreshing ice cold cendol (sweet dessert with shaved ice on the top and a combination of green rice flour jelly, coconut millk, coconut palm sugar and red beans on the bottom).
Durian Cendol

Some vendors will also add a scoup of sweet corns to it. A good authentic cendol should have a distinctly taste of the palm sugar and the coconut milk.

Opening backets of durians

There is one particular durian cendol shop about 5 minutes walk east from the Chow Kit Market that is always packed with locals. You can even watch an old man opening freshh durians in preparation for their durian cendols.

Crowd at durian cendol shop

Mind you this mom & pop shop does not pay attention to presentation of the food but the taste is just pure authentic. The crowd speaks for itself.

Cendol Durian Runtuh
57 Lorong Raja Bot, Chow Kit