Satay Town in Kuala Lumpur

Originally from Indonesia, Satay is a Southeast Asia dish of grilled marinated meat on skewers and served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

Sate, as it is called locally in Malay, can be prepared in a variety of meat (chicken, beef, mutton, tripe etc) and is usually served with a side dish of onions and cucumbers. You can also add rice cakes (called ketupat for those that are wrapped in palm leaves for better flavor).

Grilling Satay
Grilling Satay

Malaysia is a Muslim country, therefore pork is prohibited in Malay restaurants.

Typical Satay Combo
Typical Satay Combo

In Kuala Lumpur, there’s an area known as the “Satay Town” in Kajang. With the extension of the subway MRT lines to Kajang since 2017, access to the Satay Town became very convenient and their reputation has become very popular since.

There is one very popular satay restaurant that is located right next to the Kajang Stadium MRT station! It’s called Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri. My only issue is there’s no pedestrian walkway to cross the busy street in front. Just be patience with the traffic. Avoid peak hour as it gets really busy even though there’s 2 floors of seating.

Try the fresh whole coconut too. It’s juicy and meaty but tends to sell out towards later in the day:

Recommended Satay Combo Feast
A Satay Feast

You can also take a peek at “satay in action” on the 2nd floor behind the glass window:

Satay Kitchen in Action
Satay In Action

3764-b Jalan Saujana, Kajang