Malaysia flag

Malaysia is composed of 2 regions: Peninsular Malaysia (aka West Malaysia) and East Malaysia (on the island of Borneo).

Peninsular. The western region is where most of the development happened. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is in this region. The eastern region is mostly forest.

  • East coast is where you can find the glittering tropical islands.
  • North borders with Thailand and is also where the recently gained popular tourist spot – island of Langkawi.
  • South comprises of endless palm oil plantations and the causeway to Singapore.

East Malaysia consists of:

  • Sarawak is mostly jungles and a national forest.
  • Sabah is where most scuba divers go and where people go mountain climbing in Mount Kinabalu.
Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur

History. Ancient Malaya history dates back to the BC era of Stone Age hunters to farmers. From AD onward, kingdoms rose, and trading with India started. And Buddhism and Hinduism were also introduced.

Malaysia had lived through the occupation of the Portuguese, Dutch, English, and Japanese. As such the architecture is a complex mix of elements, including Islamic inspirations, colonial control, and Asian traditions. And of course modern and post-modern mix.

Penang Street Art
Penang Street Art

Cuisines. Malaysians are very passionate about their food. When Malaysian cuisine is mentioned, there are so many culinary traditions colliding – Malay, Chinese and Indians. It’s a melting pot of cultures.

You will be blown away by the richness of the food culture.
It’s a country where eating never seems to stop.

Once you are in Malaysia and eating, you’ll quickly wonder where your next meal is coming from and how you can get to it sooner.

Malaysia is famous for street food, known locally as hawker food, where you will be overwhelmed with endless choices.

One cuisine worth mentioning is the Peranakan cuisine or Nonya cuisine. This is a traditional cuisine from descendants of early Chinese immigrants who intermarried with local Malays. Nonya food is usually aromatic, tangy, spicy, and herbal.

Go and explore the richness of culture and food in the tropical country of Malaysia!

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