Canada flag

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world with the world’s longest border not patrolled by military.

Vast majority of the country is dominated by rich natural untouched beautiful landscape and boundless wilderness. It’s truly a camping heaven.

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara Falls

Western Canada. This the place to experience the wild nature and explore the historic treasures. Take in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, enjoy the serenity of camping in the wild, explore the native american heritage and the gold rush, or learn about the fossils in the beastly badlands.

Central Canada. A taste of French and English. Experience the force of mother nature at the Niagara Falls; enjoy a 360 view of Toronto from the CN Tower; enjoy the peace and tranquility at the Thousand Islands; take a stroll down the stone-laden streets in Old Quebec City.

Eastern Canada. Experience the world’s highest tide (50 feet!); take a hike on the East Coast Trail to experience a natural geyser, whale watching and floating icebergs; visit the settling of the Anne of Green Gables; learn about the history of the first European presence.

Northern Canada. Catch a glimpse of the natural phenomenon Northern Lights at the Northwest Territories; see the world’s tallest vertical cliff at Mount Thor.

Toronto Lakeshore Trail
Toronto Lakeshore Trail

Culture. Canada is a country with rich cultural heritage where many observers consider to be a model multicultural society.

Numerous festivals and events are held annually, especially in the summer. There are music festivals (e.g. Jazz Festival in Montreal), theater festivals, film festivals, cultural festivals (e.g. Caribana in Toronto), winter carnivals, Oktoberfest, international event (e.g. Indy racing right in downtown Toronto) etc etc.

And not to mention the typical north american community event called Garage Sales, where many homes display their used household items for sale outside their homes. This is usually done over the weekend.

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